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Apr 17, 2009


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Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan are patchworks of feudal states. Government doesn't exist there, as enlightened Amerikans use the term. A different policy is held by each faction and recognize a central authority only when the mood hits them. At least one of the factions is known to have given nuclear capacities to Libya, North Korea and Iran. To label humans that oppose being bombed by Bush and Obama as a Taliban is collectivism, which is second only to Catholicism in this country in cult members.

Sorryasstrianism, of which I am a practicioner and high priest, denounce and reject any agenda of all other cults of dysinformation.


On a very serious note, Sorryasstrians lack what the four sides in Chaostan possess. The Indians have a Hindu bomb, maybe the most complex and powerful. Pakistan has the Islamic Bomb. Israel has the Jewish bomb. Russia has the Orthodox Christian bomb. Each of the murderous bastards have god on their side. Sorryasstrians worry where this is heading.

India claims a territory claimed by both China and Pakistan. If you test the soil from these ancient pissing contests, you'll find DNA of meddling
Europeans. Amerikan DNA will start showing up as the word "interests" has been Dixon-Ticondarogaed into the Constitution.

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