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Mar 04, 2009


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I sure am glad the governor does not have to sign the bill. She would probably think it was a bill to let protesters have the right to a petition, and thus; not sign it.


no modifications needed, it works as planned. How about the next 30 years the citizens of Greensboro have Protest Petitions as is.

It is great to see this bill come to fruition after a very long year. In reality it should have been in place since the short session but will talk about that after bill is passed.

Thanks go out to a lot of people and this is great news to the citizens of Greensboro.

We also need to see how the city is going to administer the process. Need to ask Dick Hails.


Interesting to note that in real life application, the City Council passed a rezoning on Tuesday night for an "affordable housing" development on Old Randleman Rd outside the beltway (very far from any real transit) that passed on a 6-2 vote (Perkins absent). Some neighbors of the proposed development made very good arguments against the rezoning (inconsistent with 2025 Comp Plan, lack of services in walking distance, no bus stop nearby, outside of the Urban Loop, primarily residential area, road's speed limit is 50 mph, etc.) and some did not. I don't know why Perkins was absent as I didn't see the whole meeting, but interesting to note that if he voted for it, the protest petition here would not have helped these neighbors.)

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