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Jan 03, 2009


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John The Catholic

Boy, you have to love the N&R. They certainly have their elbow on the pulse of Greensboro.


It was only a matter of time. Chalk up another lawsuit against the City courtesy of Mitch Johnson. What has he really done for the City except create a litany of lawsuits?


I have felt confusion about this whole David Wray mess since it started several years ago. The stories send out by Mitch Johnson and the City Council simply haven't made sense to me. I wanted to trust them and I voted for some of them, but I believe racism was behind all of this. But not what they were impling. We have fallen into Political Correctness politics and the power is held in the control of only a few. It is almost impossible to get elected in Greensboro without that fews support. The elected then become puppets. I think this is racism, but in reverse as Wray's suit claims.


mitch took the word of men who were advocates of officers being investigated for corruption. then he ignored what was offered by a vetted commander with an unblemished record. who can argue with those methods.


Wray is like the a zombie, no matter how many times you kill em (or Wraysgate) he just keeps coming back...


Then Johnson is a Weeble. Every agency that has investigated Wray has exonerated him and perhaps that is why he is now working in a leadership position with the Federal Homeland Security Agency.

Johnson isn't likely to land so softly. With the lawsuits he has caused the City, it is highly unlikely that any other municipality would take a gamble on him.

Tony Wilkins

Liv, can you enlighten me on what that idiotic statement means?


CaucasiOn ?

cod bliss ewe awl

caucasion- n. an event in which race trumps reason.

Laura Hamilton

Maybe, just maybe, there is finally going to be some "truth & reconciliation" for Wray, who devoted his career to being a public servant of this city. As a person, who has followed & supported his cause, since day one, I could use a little "truth & reconciliation" myself.


the simkins pac angle is very interesting to this case

God Hisself

The same people who claim to have put the penis in happiness are trying to put the mitch in sum*itch. I won't allow it. I have maintained my silence throughout this whole ordeal, hoping I wouldn't have to come down there. Now you leave me no choice.

Robin Leskovich

Race can probably never be an issue, as race probably doesn't exist. Just the same, race serves as a powerful excuse to avoid standing up to an issue.

cod bliss ewe awl

race must exist. can a billion liberals be wrong?

Village Idiot

caucasion-n; a wound inflicted upon the psyche of dark-skinned individuals of African and Asian descent by light skinned people of European descent. The wound is remedied most commonly and most certainly by a salve made from the plant, cashus settlementus, which reinforces the collective shame of the lighter while enabling the victimization of the darker. Cashus settlementus may cause allergic reactions. Symptoms include: high-fiving, low-fiving, break dancing, tachycardia, moon-walking, wearing one glove for no apparent reason, pretentious display of bling and blurred moral vision. It has been known to induce a psychosis, cashus panaceaus-an irrational belief that if enough of someone else's money is thrown at a symptom, it will trickle up and cure the underlying cause. (See Obamanomics)

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