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Jan 26, 2009


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I don't think any motion was made and voted on that was anywhere near that clear. Frankly, my recollection is that Barber made the ambiguous motion that seemed designed to let everybody think they had won, just as he attempted to do later on the South Elm rezoning parking quagmire.

Tony Wilkins

The minutes are not yet posted on the city website. Does anyone know exactly how the motion is worded? I can't tell from watching the video.
Keith Brown, how the heck did the GNC become the mouthpiece for this project?

David Wharton

The City is now trying to offer some clarity. I just received this e-mail from the City:

At Wednesday night's City Council meeting, the Council voted to ask the State Legislature to reinstate the protest petition for residents of Greensboro. Separately, Council asked the Neighborhood Congress, the League of Women Voters, and TREBIC to try to reach an agreement on changes that could make both sides comfortable with the legislation, specifically in the percentage of nearby property owners required to trigger the supermajority vote. If that agreement is reached by February 3, it will be submitted as a local bill along with the request to reinstate the protest petition in Greensboro.
This is what I had understood to be the meaning of the vote, so it's nice to see that confirmed.

Tony, the GNC got involved because its mission is to address citywide issues that affect neighborhoods.


good question tony, ask donna newton

Tony Wilkins

David, I meant no disrespect and I'm certainly a fan of yours after watching you address city council on the issue.
It just appeared to me that after all the hard work Keith Brown has put into this issue all of a sudden GNC is the "authority" according to city council.
We didn't elect GNC or Trebic to negotiate local legislation. I would hope the city council would have the fortitude to make the necessary decisions.
Speaking of that...did anyone see the person at the council meeting with the sign that read: Mitch, Off the Floor and OUT THE DOOR!?

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