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Jan 26, 2009


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Citizen Fec

I'm only halfway paying attention, but anything past repeal of GSO's exclusion would require mod of existing GS pertaining to everyone in the state.

Good luck with that.

John D. Young

Developers and their attorneys across NC have learned over the years to never attend a rezoning hearing, a county commissioner's meeting or a city council meeting with only a well prepared speech in hand and supporters from the community. They usually take the time to discuss their proposal in detail with some of the appropriate governmental body members away from the public hearings to get everyone as much as possible on the same page, lessen confusion and insure a favorable vote.

Likewise citizens' initiatives need the same type of behind the scenes one on one conversations with the appropriate representatives to make all of their points clearly, learn what is considered weak about their proposal, have greater success and especially lessen confusion at the time of the public hearing.

It will be interesting to see what develops from the probably unexpected hurdle -- "Council asked the Neighborhood Congress, the League of Women Voters, and TREBIC to try to reach an agreement on changes that could make both sides comfortable with the legislation, specifically in the percentage of nearby property owners required to trigger the supermajority vote."


what part of state law does the city of greensboro not understand.

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