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Oct 31, 2008


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It reflects their different backgrounds: For all the hysteria and nonsense preached about the role of the "community organizer", That One spent his formative years learning the value of a block by block Rolodex and building the pyramid: infantry, if you will. McCain, by contrast, was trained as a naval aviator: attack from above, get in, do as much damage as possible with limited resources, and get out. Johnny's boys (and Girl) like their changing narratives and rely heavily on advertising; That One has built a machine that mobilizes people at the precinct level. Both have their place, but, at the risk of mixing metaphors, a disciplined running team will whip a poorly disciplined passing team most of the time, and that appears to be what is happening here. Oh yeah, and having a lot of coin helps too, at an average of less than $100 per contributor.

That should get things started....

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