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Oct 15, 2008


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Don Moore

Based on the caliber of speakers, Converge South could easily charge over $1,000. But then the event would have to be at some hotel, golf trips would need to be added, not to mention a lot of handouts that would be thrown away at the hotel before leaving.


I'm all for hotel/spa conferences (golf notwithstanding) yet I think the "charging" concept for ConvergeSouth is something that will, in part, determine a vision for conference's future. While I also believe the caliber of our presenters is worthy of charging a few bucks, I'm not sure local Greensboro onliners would pay it. Heck, we've had contention over a talked-about $25 registration fee (mostly to ensure we had the right amount of food so we didn't waste or leave folks hungry).

I also don't see us at a hotel but darn, this "parking @ A&T" is overtaking my week (as it always does). It's a cycle: A&T is a fabulous host yet the physical plant (which gives us a great building, smart rooms and gracious staff assistance) also gives us a couple of logistical nightmares. Wouldn't a conference center be nice? But then we'd lose the whole "academic influence" that also feels good. Building a vision is a complicated process.

Like I said, pretty soon CS is going to have to face its growing pains. We, as a community who wants to keep the conference (if that's the case), are going to have to address this together. And it's going to be hard, as community vision is wont to be. I love CS being free. I am really worn out from fundraising, even though this town's foundations have been unbelievablu generous.

Maybe a new vision is a really good idea. Takers? Participants?

Billy The Blogging Poet

The Charlotte Observer is all about blogging-- registering commenters, working hyperlinks and all... Yeah, right.

Good seeing you again tonight, Ed. Great topic, great discussion.

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