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Sep 06, 2008


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Steve K.

Hey Ed,

My wife and I are coming up to Greensboro to attend ConvergeSouth (and she'll be at Blog Her also) for the first time. I'm looking forward to meeting you and many of the other great folks who'll be there.

Thanks for all you do to support ConvergeSouth,
Steve K.

David H

The pork is aging as we speak.

j. neas

It's like back-to-back pork holidays what with ConvergeSouth routinely falling on the weekend before the Lexington Barbecue Festival - so one weekend I get to enjoy Hogg's feast and then the next the Hog Fest.

I kinda wish it'd go the opposite way though because, honestly, the pork at the festival always seems a letdown after your work, David.

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