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Aug 11, 2008


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if you don't want to click on the whole story here is what was said at protest petition site, and it sounds good to me too.

It is great to see that someone at City Hall is wanting to get some information on Protest Petitions for Greensboro. One of the best observations from Planning Director Dick Hails is when he said this"The presence of a protest petition option may also lead to greater amounts of communication between the requesting party and property owners surrounding the site on some rezonings". That is precisely what our coalition has been pointing out and what has not been happening for well over 37 years in Greensboro. Also, Mr Hails states that Greensboro's exemption is rare. To say that it is rare is an understatement , how about a total injustice to the Citizens of Greensboro that might be a better statement.


Round #2 has started and time to talk to your Greensboro City Council members to get Protest Petitions on the legislative agenda. Will post a lot more in coming weeks

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