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Aug 08, 2008


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Given that an MS announcement was imminent, and because I'm one of those immediate-gratification types, I went ahead with the pre-edited copy because ... well, timing is everything. And besides, I thought this was pretty big and have been working on this for a year. You're right in what you said a few weeks ago: this is going to be the best ConvergeSouth ever.

And if you decide to rewrite it, I'll re-post it. This "breaking" stuff really sucks when I use words like "mentoring," eh?


On the one hand, congratulations.

On the other hand, I despise Microsoft.

The new and improved Fec

I know you're supposed to be so much wiser than me, but can't you smell the stench of Microsoft, or are you too far gone? Maybe passive aggression is a Jewish thing.


Pretty sure it's not halachic, but the 'stench' you refer to permeates your own business site, and of your own choosing. See those links, so prominent, in the bottom right corner, so eagerly displayed? Gee, what's the word they use when someone spouts one thing and does another because it helps them make money?

Jeffrey Sykes

Converge South good.

Fighting about Converge South silly.

Ed Cone

CS is in essence an open-source project: created, staffed, and programmed by volunteers, and available for free to anyone who wishes to attend.

There are some costs associated with the free conference.

Funding for CS has come in large part from local foundations and donors, with A&T donating the venue. The foundation funding was always meant to sunset after a certain time; if the conference is going to be free, someone's got to sponsor it.

Demonizing Microsoft seems so dated. Isn't Google the new evil empire? (caveat: Google's stuff actually works)

Complaining about ConvergeSouth is a sure sign of late summer in Greensboro. That tradition may end -- my guess is that this will be the last one.

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