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Aug 25, 2008


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Fred Gregory

GED as
Eddie Mush

Fred Gregory

A.F. Ticker has scored the D-Team and they come up short of a winning combination.

Be Informed

Oh and bet against what Ged aka Eddie Mush sez:

Win by picking against the loser

Fred Gregory

# 101 wipes out the previous 100

He's just a guy who lives in my neighborhood

Ged Maheux

Whao, what's with all the hate Fred? Three posts in a row? I'm just laying out stuff I found that people should know about. I encourage you to do the same for Obama if the mood should strike you. Go for it.

At least Obama isn't the anti-christ. Oh wait, some people think he is, scratch that one.

Ian McDowell

Well, you know how some guys are once they've had a bump.

Fred Gregory

Ged, Ged ,

Come on lighten up. No hate, just a little of your own medicine. Surely you appreciate humor in whatever direction it may be pointed. The Eddie Mush thing just seemed to fit. Did you ever see the movie .." Bronx Story " ?

One hundred reasons. Really a bit of overreaching, don't ya think ?

Just responding in kind.

You are a free speech kinda guy , right ?

So what do you think about Obama trying to stiffle an ad that is 100% accurate ?


Harold the Wonder Llama

Harold Simmons, who is behind the Obama/Ayers BS ads AND the funding for the Swift Boat BS, has so much crazy right wing stank on him, even with his $7 billion to throw around even Faux News won't air his crap this time . They are "express advocacy " ads and, as such, violate, get this, McCain-Feingold!! And he looks like the Crypt Keeper, too. We can go around about your claim of "100% accurate" too. "Stoopid"? I'm thinking Obama is rubber, you're glue...

Fred Gregory

Harold the Wonder Mule, egads Ed, you left the gate open again and strays wandered in. Another anonymous Obama kool-aid drinker.

Memo to John Keeney ( 60 year plus carrer USDOJ employee),
please file an action requsting a restraining order in Fedral court to block this ad. And hurry up so it can be heard.

Ged Maheux


Yeah, those 100% accurate ads are something aren't they? Just like the ones that were 100% accurate from the Swift Boaters about Kerry. I honestly don't know where Obama gets off.

Fred Gregory

Like I said . BHO bring it on.

Lets have this case open to the public in Federal Court where BHO's cozy relationship with an unrepentant bomb throwing domestic terrorist will be exposed. Please Mr. Keeney file a lawsuit to prohibit free speech. Ged you are really on a slppery slope here.

Break a leg. That's a show bidness term. No animosity meant.

Fred Gregory


There is NOTHING inaccurate, incorrect, wrong or dishonest about the Ayers ad which BHO's lawyers are trying to spike AND you CAN'T name one thing can you? So best drop it or go ahead pulleze !!

The other ad, ( which you mistakenly link) we will debate another time.

Ged Maheux


I have not seen the ad nor do I know enough about Obama's relationship to Ayers to speak with authority on the matter. It seems to me that Obama might have made a mistake in letting himself get too close to this guy, but since he was a kid when the so-called "bomb throwing" was committed and didn't meet Ayers until his college years (by then Ayers was a respected community member) I'm not exactly sure what you would have wanted Obama to do.

Should he have run away screaming the moment he learned that Ayers was a radical? Should he have had the foresight of 20+ years to know that he would some day be running for president and all of his future affiliations would be examined with a microscope?

Could he have done more to distance himself from Ayers? Sure. Is Obama a "bomb-throwing" domestic terrorist, like the kind this ad probably makes him out to be by guilt by association? No, of course not.

There is a middle line here Fred. I hope you can see my point of view at least.

Fred Gregory

Of course I see your point , Ged. Just happen to think as one sensible commenter Mick said on another thread, you are the company you keep.

Got any thoughts about the Obama camp trying to stiffle free sppech by seeking criminal prosecution over the Ayers ad AND now trying to
Silence WGN

Fred Gregory

Ged, consider this . He was only 9 years old when Ayers's Weathermen tried to murder him !!!


"you are the company you keep."

Sorry, Fred. You need to get up to speed on the new playbook. With McCain needing to distance himself from an advisor's comments that there are no uninsured people in America, guilt by association is no longer allowed.

Ged Maheux


"you are the company you keep." It's an interesting sentiment, but I don't happen to agree. If you equate a casual, on-again off-again relationship with Ayers as being the "same" as Obama himself setting the bombs that destroyed that young man's life, then we won't be able to meet common ground. They are not equal by any stretch of the imagination.

Murtagh himself says the following in the piece you linked:

"Nobody should hold the junior senator from Illinois responsible for his friends’ and supporters’ violent terrorist acts. But it is fair to hold him responsible for a startling lack of judgment in his choice of mentors, associates, and friends, and for showing a callous disregard for the lives they damaged and the hatred they have demonstrated for this country."

If you think this "lack of judgement" is bad enough to mean he shouldn't deserve the office of the President, then don't vote for him. That is your right. Is it bad? Yes. It is bad enough to bar him from trying to change this country for the better? Is it bad enough that the alternative (4 more years of Bush economic, international and domestic policy) is palatable? No, not to me at least.

And if Obama happens to believe that the ad contains particular untruths that basically amount to libel, then he has every right to try and get the ad off the air, just as I would expect McCain to respond to an ad that questioned his imprisonment/service or something similar.

I appreciate your willingness to actually engage in this discussion instead of hurling insults or changing the subject as some often do on these threads. The only way people of good faith can come to see each other's points of view is to discuss them as calm, and respectful adults. For that, thanks.


What advisor would that be RocH! Give it up.

We will learn more about this on again off again relationship as time goes on. Its not just Ayers. Wright, Flagler, Rezko for me all create issues. Certainly far far far left.

Again, watch what people do not what they say.

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