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May 20, 2008


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The Greensboro CIty Council has 6 months to pass or deny a resolution in regards to Protest Petition in Greensboro. The inaction will be noted to Senator Phil Berger who wants to see where they stand.

Once the long session in 2009 comes into play we will see their stance.

I am sure the Greensboro City Council doesn't want to be on record as to where they stand. Delay Delay Delay will be their modus operandi , which now this has gotten too big to sweep under the table , like in the past where councilman Tom Phillips brought it up but it went nowhere.

This time there is plenty of people who are none too happy with this exemption and want action.

Billy For Mayor

More proof that TREBIC and the Bobblehead are the real government of Greensboro.

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