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May 28, 2008


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Roger Greene

I don't know how you would characterize the situation on Horsepen Creek Rd. as anything other than urban sprawl, and a high density sprawl at that. Funny, how the comprehensive land use plan rarely gets mentioned any more except when it's undergoing another of numerous amendments. One of it's stated goals, to prevent urban sprawl, has been largely ignored in the Horsepen area.


At the Zack Matheny town hall meeting with his district a few weeks ago, I am sure Ryan Shell heard Richard Beard from Simpson, Schulman and Beard a member of the TREBIC CARTEL say the following.

"If we bring back Protest Petitions, Greensboro would completely dry up as the developers run for the hills."

This kind on mentality from a developer is laughable to hear. Everytime TREBIC CARTEL speaks they sound arrogant for example Gary Rogers saying that Greensboro City had the foresight back in 1971 to exempt themselves. Marlene Sanford saying that this North Carolina General Statute is antiquated. Now add Richard Beard and the run for the hills comment.

Thanks for posting this since I banned myself from posting on greensboropolitics since all he wants to do is moderate your post for simple things.Then complains about it.

case in point here is what bubba had to say:
RYAN said:
We all understand that you are not Zack’s #1 fan. The little negative comments do get old after a while, so please use your ability to communicate to be more constructive.”

Why do you even bother enabling comments if you don’t like the results?

I found Keith’s comment to be in line, accurate, appropriate and, for those who are not aware of the person in question, quite informative.

Ryan Shell


I'll see if I can get a few folks to go on the record.


sorry you aren't a fan of how I run the site. Feel free to comment anytime.

Ryan Shell


The people on the northwest side of town have to get their act together and really start making some noise re: Horsepen Creek. We have had so many bad things put on us by the people who pass for our town lawmakers it is a sin and should be a crime. We have got to get mobilized to save our side of town...we are on the verge of having the worst sprawl around if we dont stop it...lets unite and stop the powers that be from paving over our neighborhoods in favor of yet another fine mess...we like our paradise...keep your parking lot!!! When Yvonne Johnson and Milton Kern were running they both stated at somepoint that they would support a ban on clear cutting...we need to emphasize this because if the developers arent allowed to clear cut they dont make the profits they do when they just come in a knock everything down including but not limited to some beautiful old oaks that could be saved...also think it was Sandra Anderson Groat who said awhile back that before more building is approved she would like to see how many square feet of retail space already exists near the proposal in question, a really progressive thought in light of the strip malls going up with empty buildings not more than a few hundred feet away...lunacy...we have to take the power away from these greedy developers and myopic yea vote zombies and put it back in the hands of the citizenry asap!!


just wait till they annex the cardinal, rezoning in that area will be a nightmare to watch. THe TREBIC CARTEL will bull doze every tree to make room for their 3 story high rise apartments and say that we need 2,000 more apartments for the 1,000 jobs.


add Forest Oaks to the mix of future over development


I think basically what we have here is a schizophrenic city...the gov. sees our lovely town as just a means to an end to create jobs and the residents see it as place hopefully to live peacefully...so until those two issues are resolved...there will be this constant friction. Horsepen Creek is lost to us now but that doesnt mean that we can't work to save some other of our natural resource type areas...


ed, still looking for those developers to get on record?

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