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May 25, 2008


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Delay, Delay, Delay . It seems to me that ever since this issue has come up , the Greensboro City Council thinks that it is going to go away. Think again.

How many more articles, letters to the editor, guest columns, and post in this blog and others will it take to get the Greensboro City Council to actually deny or pass a resolution or motion on this issue. The silence is deafening.
Here is the option for the Greensboro City Council:

Go on record as supporting a bill to make Greensboro comply with North Carolina General Statute 160a-385 and 386, which never should have been taken away from the citizens of Greensboro in the first place.That means 6 months till the 2009 long session begins.


Go on record as denying the rights of the citizens of Greensboro this North Carolina General Statute and to be on the side of TREBIC which will then show the citizens of Greensboro where your allegience really stands.

Take your pick.

Roger Greene

No arrogance here, ""My read on it is that we had a lot of things going on and this was bigger to the bloggers than the rest of the community," Councilman Robbie Perkins, a developer, said, referring to the council's overflowing plate of hot issues." Just a shot at those who have or choose to use an outlet to express their concerns. My unscientific polling of many who don't blog is that there's a tip of the iceberg element to the blogs. We'll see next fall. I won't forget and will actively support a good candidate or slate of candidates who are for responsible zoning and ethical government with specific proposals to enact such.


you need to be a part of the coalition especially with your knowledge of a lot of the zoning issues that have been going on lately. Please e mail me from the protest petiton web site. take care.


the coalition of concerned citizens of the triad went in front of the Greensboro City Council on June 17, 2008.

Now the City Council all can say that this issue has been brought to them.

LEt's see where they go from here.


another story where the city council is still silent to this day.

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