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May 19, 2008


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Sanford wrote: "You can change the constitution of the United States with a simple majority..."

What is she talking about?


There is a Lustron home on Lawndale just a block or so from what was the proposed Walgreen's site. Aren't these considered historic?

See this link for a description of this type of home:



Phil Berger also received a $4,000 contribution from the NC Realtor's PAC and $2,000 from the NC Home Builder's Association PAC all just last month. I am not positive, but aren't those groups part of TREBIC? I am disappointed in our city council for showing such a lack of leadership on this issue.


However, I do not feel that a majority of our citizens are displeased with the process.

That is amazing to hear from the company who had the straw that broke the camels back on citizens of Greensboro and beyond who were none too happy and wanted Protest Petitions back in Greensboro.

To have Robbie " Pave It " Perkins be the deciding vote on the property off of Friendly Avenue. Plus seeing the whole neighborhood right next door and Carriage Crossing and the neighborhood to the south at the western guilford stop light be in opposition made not one bit of difference to the Greensboro City Council. If they had a Protest Petition as every other city has in this state it wouldn't have passed.

So if anyone wants to thank Francis Forde and Megabuilders it was their zoning case that made people wake up to this situation.

Mr. Forde please ask the neighbors off of Horse Pen Creek Road, how about the Garden Lake community, let's ask the Kirkwood neighborhood, the westridge road area where they wanted to put townhomes, adams farm neighbors where Blue Ridge COmpanies bought twin oaks and on and on.

Stacey thanks for the tip on when Mr. Berger got campaign contributions from the building industry. It is funny that he doesn't have any opposition in November but still gets $4,000 from Realtors PAC and $2,000 from Builders PAC.


I think the citizens of Greensboro need to take up the challenge to create a unified group that could be proactive with development, zoning and planning efforts in the City. A group that spans the entire city would eliminate the need for disparate groups to form every time their particular neighborhood is affected by bad development. There is a need to move beyond NIMBY to Not In Greensboro.

David Wharton

Brian, the Greensboro Neighborhood Congress is a citywide group that has taken stands on matters of citywide importance, including planning and zoning. As a matter of principle it does not advocate for neighborhoods in particular rezoning cases, but it does provide neighborhoods with resources for organizing and with contacts to key parties in the community.

The GNC website has a list of neighborhoods and contact persons that might be instrumental in starting a group such as you envision.


Yes weekly has a lead editorial called TREBIC Vs. Protest Petition out this week.


Great points made in the editorial.

Billy For Mayor

This is exactly the Status Quo I've railed about for 137 posts to date but no one gives a damn until it's their back yard.

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