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Apr 10, 2008


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What about clearing his name for allegedly lying to Mitch Johnson? It seems to me that the Feds must have found no merit to that allegation either.

Tony Wilkins

According to TV and newspaper reports the "clearer" was the "alleger".
Look at what fine results we are seeing in the GPD since this egotistical move was made.
Are you more proud or less proud of the police department since Johnson took it over as Wray was trying to expose possible corruption?

Beau D Jackson

David Wray gets a new job as TSA director for eastern Tennessee.

One reason that it was important to clear his name of allegations of racism was to allow him to find work again. I'm happy to see things working out well for him.

Some how this just doesn't ring sincere, looks quite like something JR might write!



What does this mean? "According to TV and newspaper reports the "clearer" was the "alleger".


Did you even read the link in Ed's original post? It's to one of his N&R columns in which he wrote: "[Wray] deserves to reclaim a vital piece of his good name."

I'm left wondering, if Wray's new job absolves him from charges of racism, does it also reflect on the other allegations made against him?

Tony Wilkins

EC Blog: "Buried deep within Greensboro City Manager Mitchell Johnson's latest public statement on the resignation of former Police Chief David Wray is a line that bears repeating: "In my opinion, Chief Wray's actions were never the result of racist beliefs."

Wasn't Johnson also quoted with the famous "if I were a black officer I would feel targeted" line?


Tony, Roch gets it. We've had this same discussion. Your sentence was a little confusing to me at first, but I get it now. Johnson accused him and also purported later to clear him- but that's b.s. Johnson has contradicted himself several times on this matter all to avoid embarrassing himself, which of course has resulted in him actually embarrassing himself by taking people for fools.

But such is the modus operandi of egotisticus maximus.

For example, the City claims they can't release the black book because it is a legitimate criminal investigative tool- while at the same time claiming it wasn't a legitimate criminal investigative tool but was actually used to target black officers. Of course, if it is not a legitimate criminal investigative tool, then it is not protected from disclosure under public records laws. If it is legitimate, then Mitch would have to come out and say he was wrong about the "Black Book" and the "feel targeted" statement. But he can't bring himself to do that, so he and City Legal play bait and switch when it is convenient for them.

But a Superior Court judge isn't likely to allow them to play that game and the City is going to have to formally go on the record with one theory or the other. The fallout from that is anyone's guess.

It wasn't David Wray who wasn't telling the story straight, it is Mitch Johnson. How that is still lost on so many people never ceases to amaze me.

Jim Rosenberg

How will this affect Cops In Black & White parts 50 through 100?


No worries. AFAYK, Bledsoe is purchasing a second home in Knoxville to be near his literary appendage.

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