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Mar 02, 2008


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keith brown

all right guys the time is now for everyone to stand up and make Protest Petition a part of Greensboro. Hopefully we can get this passed asap. I need help with this issue. Ed cone is doing his part, i have been on this issue like a hawk. This pied piper needs a following. But that is ok I tried if you want status quo go right ahead and let the developers have their way in Greensboro. Let Zack Matheny act like Greensboro is different from Charlotte and Raleigh. No Zack when it comes to North Carolina General Statutes all cities are the same, what a stupid comment.It figures that Zack Matheny would never want to have Protest Petitions all you have to do is look at his 2007 campaign contributions and see Mega Builders gave $2,000 plus every zoning stud lawyer from Derek Allen and the Isaacson's gave Zack Matheny money.

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