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Mar 11, 2008


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John G

I think Ms. Sanford is alittle upset, because she would have to buy off more council members to get a rezoning request passed.
Withdraw the right to protest petition from the whole state? I think NOT!

keith brown

Yes John , I love the quote about getting the whole North Carolina General Statute overturned, yea right. I also like how she thinks it is "unfair", tell that to the citizens of Greensboro what is unfair to them that they haven't had the right to a Protest Petition in 37 years thanks to the TREBIC'S of the early 70's., who exempted themselves.

It is funny to see Robbie Perkins have a about face on this issue. Let's see where he really stands when the TREBIC special interest throws it's weight oh i am sorry money around.

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