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Jan 05, 2008


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Does the code really include a web page for which one needs to register to view (with a company that's made some major gaffs regarding privacy, no less)?

Ed Cone

If you mean Facebook, I guess the answer is "yes," for this election cycle at least. It's far from the only tool in use, but it's a force, and campaigns would be foolish to ignore it -- the idea being to win the election, not to win some web idealism purity contest.


Bad mood? Get back to me (or not) when you've got something other than anecdotes and a reductive distortion of the question being asked.

Ed Cone

Maybe I misunderstood your comment? I gave what I thought was a straightforward answer -- I thought you were asking if I think that successfully harnessing the web means using Facebook, or if Obama is successfully using Facebook to translate online energy into votes. My guess, based on Obama's campaign to date and Iowa's result, is "yes," or at least, "it seems to be working for Obama." I don't have anything beyond anecdote at this point, and even that is pretty sketchy, just guessing from afar based on the available info. That's why I phrased my post as a question.

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