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Oct 20, 2007


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David Wharton

That was the session I've wanted for three years. Loved it!


Yeah, that was fantastic! Thanks Tom and Stewart. My only complaint? Not enough exploration of conservative view points.

David Hoggard

Amen to that, Roch. Why didn't Lassiter weave in the conservative position on wide-angle vs close-in shots?

That was a real dissappointment and proved to me that ConvergeSouth continues to exist as nothing more than an echo-chamber for liberals.

ben holder

I can't wait to see the great films on local gov. coming from Dr. David Wharton! And yes, I made Boss Nigger. Just thought I would put that up there so Hogg doesn't have to because he is strapped for time.

Hate I missed you at Hogg's Friday, Roch :( Hogg said you were on the way and I went to get ice..twice..I hung around and did whatever I could to help the Hoggard's But then I had to go get my kids. Keeping up with those two rascals is a full-time job! Well, it is not like the demanding full-time jobs that Roch, Ed and Killian have. Heavens no!

I would not dare compare what I do to what they do. After all, Ed manages to keep this ahead of the curve blog going along with his day job. Whew!

Joe Killian actually is a real life full-time journalist. But wait, there is more! He still manages to drop a few hundred words in the comment section to help explain just how tough and important he and his job really are! If you ever want to read a few hundred words from Killian (Can that really be his last name?) just take a peek into any of the threads here at Ed's. Killian is an interesting read on any subject!

ConvergeSouth illustrates every year how blogsboro is choked full of potential. It rocks (dig it Sean!) with or without a RMA report.

I am just glad I am lucky enough to participate. I am not tooting my own horn here. What I mean is that anyone can blog and that is the greatest thing of all. It's so easy a Carmany can do it.



I know anger's your schtick and all, but you're tilting at windmills that just ain't there. Isn't there a Stop-N-Rob selling crackpipes you can go harrass?

Jim Rosenberg

Sorry I missed CS, but that was some nice weather. I want in on the hating, though. I'll have the Sampler Platter. Ben, you worthless pile of steamming hot dung -- my hatred for you rises hot and hellish in my throat like some kind of Assh*** Reflux Disease, then recedes only to rise again later. Cone, you effete prancing snob. Would you please take your Marlboro 100 out of that FDR-looking cigarette holder and smoke it down to the nub on your lips like everyone else? Who else wants some? I'm feeling it. Coon? Are you kidding? A blind kangaroo would stand a better chance of landing a punch on me than you and your drunken Irish brother. This is fun.

Ben Holder

I agree Mr. Sun! The weaher is great! I hate you as well.

Stu, I am sure that there are. I will get to them after the election. Maybe you will be lucky enough to film the raid when I create it.

Ed and Joe still roch!

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