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Oct 23, 2007


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Standing room only, it was. Great job, Andy. I wish we could have stayed 'till the end, but we very much enjoyed what we were able to see. And thanks for the door prize -- hair care products.

David Beckwith

I was going to submit some of my own amateurish films...and thank God I didn't, as I would have felt like a boogereater...the submissions were that good.

The Weatherspoon/Tate Street/UNCG idea may be spot on...especially since UNCG was once a woman's college, and there will be an emphasis on women and BlogHer next year.

Jay tells me there are also other women's colleges in the area, and that too may be a good idea.

I also think that there should be a push toward post-production -- which is to say that folks can take the raw materials from this weekend's production, and work that into yet other products. I'd love to see those sessions that I was forced to miss for one reason or another. It is also a way for those univolved in pre-production and production to help out after the fact.

I see a great future for ConvergeSouth...


I saw Andy this morning. He's still coming down from a well-deserved high for a job extraordinarily well done. Because he didn't charge for his time or expertise, you would hardly believe how little money it cost to do this festival.

Hint: I talked about next year; he demurred; I mentioned venues and he started telling me about his plans for next year. Heh. He's hooked. Gotta love those volunteers with (insert superlative of choice) talent.

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