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Sep 21, 2007


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Kellers version seems very believable.

After reading Hollidays version through the Rhino, I believe every time he opens his mouth, his nose grows longer. I'm pretty disappointed with the Mayor and his blind support for Johnson.

Johnson and Holliday, along with the N&R painted a picture of David Wray that made it him look like he was some imperial wizzard of the KKK. They had puppets like Sandy and Phillips telling everyone if you only knew what we know. Well, through the RMA report, FBI investigation, and now the SBI investigation, it looks like the City has egg all over its face and will not admit it made a mistake in the firing of David Wray.

It appears Wray was wrongfully terminated and slandered as well. I think if the city has to setlle, Mitch should be forced out for incompetence.


I can't wait to here the spin at today's dog and pony show.


"Jumped while being pushed" - I think that was made evident by the recording of the Jan 6 meeting.

Jeffrey Sykes

The conversation ended with an agreement to meet at 8:30 on Monday morning, if not over the weekend, to allow Wray to provide information that might change the manager's intended actions.[a lot happened between this period and the next word] As we now know, on that Monday morning, Wray resigned rather than allowing the paid administrative process to proceed.

I regret that David Wray chose that course of action rather than accepting for himself a process he endorsed and practiced with other men and women of the Greensboro Police Department. In conclusion, I hope that this explanation will allow the citizens of Greensboro to understand the real circumstances of David Wray's last day on the job and the professionalism of City Manager Mitchell Johnson.

Keith Holliday is mayor of Greensboro.

In light of Wray's attorney's statement in today's paper, is this not the most dishonest statement made by a public official since Nixon's "I am not a crook"?

Fred Gregory


You have said the King is naked. Your conclusion should chill those in this community you believe in fair play and justice. Things, in this case, are as they so clearly appear. There have been gallons and gallons of Mitch kool-aid swallowed during the course of this tragic episode. David's plight cries out for him to be made whole. He was a victim of a 21st century Star Chamber. Shame on all those who willingly participated in it.

wayne stutts


I could not agree with you more. The biggest surprise is Tom Phillips. I have always respected him and thought he was smart. I don't know now. He must have tunnel vision. He asked us to wait. He knew something we didn't. We have waited and trusted his word. Now produce and show what he knows that we don't. Instead, he runs for the trees

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