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Aug 17, 2007


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ben holder

not many people are sigining up. I want to be a panelist. I could discuss public record laws and activism...

Ed Cone

I hear the session on How to Bitch About Attendees and Program at a Volunteer Conference You Could Have Helped Progam and Don't Plan to Attend is still open.

The CA

Hey Ed, if for some reason I could make it to ConvergeSouth, would I get one of those "The CA is coming to ConvergeSouth, so should you" posts from you?

Fec Stench

Well played, Ed. You've goaded Ben into attending.

And thanks for making the rest of us feel welcome to attend.

Ed Cone

Absolutely, Sam. I wish you'd volunteer to run a session -- blogging and the law, blogging while conservative, whatever. That promo idea came to me last year, and it seems like an effective way of marketing a conference that's about the participants. I've seen other conferences use it since, so maybe it wasn't original, but I like it.

Fec: thnx. I'm super-psyched this morning because the session I announced in the previous comment just got commercial sponsorship from Kleenex and Preparation H.

ben holder

I am the only blogger making a difference and bringing fresh news..last year I brought the RMA report to converge south..I mean..can anyone else even come close to that? I may attend..but...I will need to be the center of everything...you people..all of you..need to recognize how great my blog and efforts are. I dominate we 101's most viewed when I blog..currently..the farting JR is most viewed..I am the greatest...period...the only reason I signed up was to scare JR.

The CA

Kleenex and Preparation H- symbolism indeed.


For "How to Bitch About Attendees and Program at a Volunteer Conference You Could Have Helped Program and Don't Plan to Attend," we're still looking for a moderator. But be prepared to do Preparation H product placement. If interested, email Ed.

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