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Apr 27, 2007


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John G

Well; lets just pull out and go home. Let Iran declare victory, and take over Iraq.
We have removed the only deterrent to that scenario. Why do you think the war between Iraq and Iran was fought? It was because Iran was trying to impose Islamic rule in Iraq.

Connie Mack Jr

Why do you think the war between Iraq and Iran was fought? It was because Iran was trying to impose Islamic rule in Iraq.* john G

Naw neo-con war mongering fool. It was because we funded and back Saddam long ago about the Oil and to counter act the fall of the CIA backed Shah of Iran.

Do you really believe that it was about religious family republican values among the two tribes?

John G

"Relations with Iran grew increasingly strained after the shah was overthrown in 1979. Iraq recognized Iran's new Shi'ite Islamic government, but the Iranian leaders would have nothing to do with the Ba'th regime, which they denounced as secular. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the spiritual leader of the Iranian revolution, proclaimed his policy of "exporting the revolution," and Iraq was high on the list of countries whose governments were to be overthrown and replaced by a replica of the Islamic regime in Iran."
No; Connie Mac Jr. I am neither a neo-con nor a war monger as you accuse me of being. A fool maybe because I am responding to a blithering idiot.

Connie Mack Jr

No; Connie Mac Jr. I am neither a neo-con nor a war monger as you accuse me of being. A fool maybe because I am responding to a blithering idiot.* John G

You got that right! Respond to the below body count for today!

As usual, Fridays are quiet in Iraq, and this day was no exception. Only 47 Iraqis were reported killed or found dead and 37 Iraqis were wounded in attacks. Also, three Marines were killed in Anbar Province during combat operations.

Friday is the weekly prayer day. In order to protect worshippers, vehicle bans are imposed in several locations; this helps curb the use of car bombs. Also, it is considered a day off for local journalists.

Senior officials denied earlier reports that dozens of people were killed or wounded in a suicide bombing at a checkpoint between Tal Afar and Mosul.

In Mussayab, gunmen opened fire on the home of a guard who works for a member of parliament; three people were killed in the attack.

A detainee was murdered by other inmates at the U.S.-run Camp Bucca.

A Kirkuk human rights activist was shot and killed near his home. Three dumped bodies were found. Also, a roadside bomb injured one person late yesterday.

A roadside bomb killed one civilian in Mosul. East of the city, another roadside bomb killed one and injured three more.

In Baghdad, seven bodies were found scattered in several neighborhoods. A mortar shell wounded two civilians in the Shula neighborhood. In Jisr Diyala, a separate mortar round fell but injured no one. In the Nahwaran neighborhood, a roadside bomb killed one person and injured a second. Also, authorities are experimenting with explosives detection machines, and work on the controversial Adhamiya wall resumed.

U.S. forces arrested at least nine suspects in Salman Pak and Mosul.

A university professor was gunned down in eastern Fallujah.

A suicide bombing which targeted the home of the chief of Hit police killed at least 15 people and wounded 25 others. Five gunmen were arrested in Khanaquin.

North of Kirkuk at Kisk, a suicide bomber killed four policemen and injured five others at a checkpoint.

The airport in Basra was targeted by indirect fire.

Six bodies were fished out of the Tigris River, south of Baghdad.

Three bodies were found in Baquba.

John G


Connie Mack Jr

You think that is funny! This is even more funnier than Bush playing a bongo drum last week. Nothing like a ole Republican Corporate Bastard going out in blowing style.....

Bush official resigns over escort links


Randall Tobias, Ambassador and Acting Administrator of U.S. AID, speaks with reporters at the Stockholm Conference for Lebanon's Early Recovery in Stockholm in this Aug. 31, 2006 Tobias, resigned Friday, citing personal reasons.

WASHINGTON (AP) Randall Tobias, head of the Bush administration's foreign aid programs, abruptly resigned Friday after his name surfaced in an investigation into a high-priced call-girl ring, said two people in a position to know the circumstances of his departure.

It was Tobias' own decision to resign, according to one of the people, who said the issue came up only in the past day or so. The people spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the investigation is still under way.

Tobias submitted his resignation a day after he was interviewed by ABC News for an upcoming program about an alleged prostitution service run by the so-called D.C. Madam.

ABC reported on its Web site late Friday that Tobias confirmed that he had called the Pamela Martin and Associates escort service to have women come to his condo and give him massages. More recently, Tobias told the network, he has been using a service with Central American women.

Tobias, 65, who is married, told ABC News there had been "no sex" during the women's visits to his condo. His name was on a list of clients given to ABC by Deborah Jeane Palfrey, who owns the escort service and has been charged with running a prostitution ring in the nation's capital.

U.S. officials would not confirm the information. A message left on Tobias' voice mail seeking comment was not returned.

Friday evening, the State Department put out a statement announcing Tobias' resignation, saying he "informed Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice today that he must step down as Director of U.S. Foreign Assistance and U.S. Agency for International Development Administrator effective immediately."

"He is returning to private life for personal reasons," the statement said.

Tobias held two titles: director of U.S. foreign assistance and administrator for the U.S. Agency for International Development. His rank was equivalent to deputy secretary of state.

Rice named Tobias to head the two programs in January 2006, and on Wednesday was at the White House, where President Bush praised his efforts coordinating global AIDS relief. Tobias had been the White House's coordinator for global AIDS relief before taking the USAID post.

On Wednesday, Tobias attended a luncheon at the State Department with Undersecretary of State Karen Hughes and actress Angelina Jolie, who was in Washington pushing for more U.S. education aid for developing countries.

Before joining the administration, Tobias was a director and chairman of Eli Lilly and Co., the Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical company.

"The lives saved and made better around the globe by Randy's work at the State Department constitute a rich legacy on which he can look back with justifiable pride," department spokesman Sean McCormack said Friday.

Tobias was the second public figure identified as a customer of Palfrey's service. Palfrey recently made good on her threat to identify high-profile clients, listing in court documents a military strategist known for his "shock and awe" combat theories.

Palfrey, 50, was indicted in March by a federal grand jury on charges of running the alleged call-girl ring from her home in Vallejo, Calif. She has denied the escort service engaged in prostitution.

Palfrey claimed she has 46 pounds of phone records involving clients. Efforts to reach her late Friday were unsuccessful. Montgomery Blair Sibley, an attorney who represents Palfrey in non-criminal cases, declined to comment.

In court records, prosecutors estimate that her business, Pamela Martin and Associates, generated more than $2 million in revenue over 13 years, with more than 130 women employed at various times to serve thousands of clients at $200 to $300 a session.

Palfrey had threatened to sell phone records that would identify 10,000 clients to pay for her criminal defense, but a federal judge ordered her not to release them. Palfrey, however, gave them to ABC News before the order took effect.

Prosecutors have accused Palfrey of trying to intimidate potential witnesses by exposing them publicly.
High Times Story

A unknown Republican high official in the Bush Aid s Department quit his job today after it was revealed he was paying for superior AIDs service at his home. A source close to the story said simply it was a vast misunderstanding about the cost of the service and the charge on his Credit Card for 100,000 thousand dollars for professional services to the United States Government and the Senior Citizen Republican Men's Club of Washington D.C.

Ed Cone

Connie, I've asked you before: please do not paste more than limited excerpts from articles in the comments. Use links. Thnx.

Connie Mack Jr

use links. Thnx.* Ed Cone

Right! Sorted like my Son 2 sentences e-mails alerts from Iraq.

" Dad!
Love U,,,,MB"

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