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Apr 24, 2007


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Patrick Eakes

Two of my good friends are captains at SW. Both took jobs there knowing they would be paid a little less than other majors but have a better employer.

As it turned out, SW was the only airline from which they would not have been laid off after 9/11.

And I suspect they have closed the pay gap having SW stock worth more than all the other airlines.


I just can't stand the cattle call process. All thoe people lining up, sitting on each other, generally being obnoxious and pressing toward the gate for like 45 minutes before flight time.



I'd be surprised if reserved seating didn't come at some point. When it does there is suddenly very little that differentiates it from the legacy airlines.


I should clarify that there will be little that makes SW look like a discount airline and more like the others, which in turn means more people will get over the fact that its SW and just fly them.

Doug H

Our trip to Salt Lake City was a blast! The captain at the stop in...wherever( Tennessee, I think, but I don't remember) played the harmonica for us before we took off! We changed planes in Vegas, too.

The "cattle" boarding doesn't bother me a bit. Whether it's boarding by row or by A, B or C, it's still about the same. Of course, if I flew first class...

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