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Apr 04, 2007


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Wow. Kudos to JG and Yes! Weekly. I must admit I feel I have a better insight into the Council woman. A might timely too after the discussions over the past few days here. Good and bad it appears she has made waves wherever she has been.

I am sure some will call it a "fluff piece" and to some degree it is (opinion, I know). But there is legit info in there and I enjoyed the writing.

Still stuck on the leakage though. That is a big issue with me. The rest is minor-ish stuff (particularly if you take her side at face value)but it just keeps adding up.

The Council is just that, a Council and utimately to be effective one MUST work with others at least occasionally.

All in all it is District 1's decision. Not mine. I have always felt that way.

Joe Killian

I feel like a lot of her coverage so far (including this N&R profile from last month) has highlighted the fact that to some people Bellamy-Small is a sort of folk hero.

Despite this she remains skittish with reporters and seems to blame them for reporting things she'd rather people not hear about (the office flap, her being pulled over) without acknowledging their being sure her supporters get a voice.


who (allegedly) leaked key documents about the Wray investigation to an information-starved public

she leaked it to an individual that handed it to the N&R...I got it to the public..lets just be honest

Dale Sperling

"It's just to me a political lynching," he says. "I think it's race, especially the News & Record. Why would a traffic violation make the front page? It's just petty to me. Once the News & Record sets out to destroy someone, they start generating letters. The letters are so distorted because they don't know the facts. Her aggressiveness about trying to be supportive of people in the African-American community makes her a target."

I did not know that only African-Americans lived in District One. Is not Bellamy-Small a representative of all the people or is her supporters claimming each only cares about black issues?

I wonder is thye leaking of the RMA report had anything to do with the fact that Chief Wray was white?

A black council person leaked a report that helped nail a white cop accused of being racist and that fact is ignored by everyone but let a white cop investigate a black officer who street people know is dealing drugs and the race card is played.

Who is the racest in this scenario?

The problem is that people to often make a decision of right or wrong based on the color of ones skin, their gender, or ones attractiveness( come now--the pretty lady with have three clerks begging to help her while the fat lady who actually spends the money has to ask for help).

I just wonder how the whole situation with the city council, the GPD, and the News and Record would have plyed out if no one knew any ones race, sex, or political agenda?

Joe Killian

What I love is the way in which people are absolutely convinced that the News & Record is both in the pocket of black special interest groups and bent on destroying white public leaders out of maniacal commitment to their liberal agenda and obsession with racial politics


Carrying out a campaign to smear prominent black leaders and make them look ridiculous because they are part of a white establishment that manufactures negative racial stories to embarrass and belittle the black community in order to consolidate power and preserve the traditional southern white power structure.

It's like one of those "Choose Your Own Adventure" novels...

John G

All I have to say is: I live in district 1 and I never knew there was bus passes avaliable. Is it because I am an American?

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