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Apr 25, 2007


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Dick Barron

When I wrote the story I figured people would spend whatever they want. Or stay at the airport, for all I know.

Fred Gregory

Brad Krantz could be a potential one market for this bargain


I wrote about skybus yesterday too.... with taxes and everything the $10.00 ticket inflates to $36.60... which still isn't too bad. But add in another one to L.A along with hotel, and you've easily got a discount ticket on another airline.

We just paid $131.00 a person for our trip in may and ended up on Delta from CLT to San Diego.... I tried my darnedest to fly from GSO, but they want $350.00 minimum to fly to any of California's airports.... I definitely would have considered this, if it was around 2 weeks ago.


I just priced Greensboro to San Francisco, via Columbus. It's $260 or so, round trip, before taxes and fees. That's comparable with the cheapseats elsewhere.

The $10 fare to Columbusl, though, is a good deal. Having grown up in Ohio, however, I'd be more inclined to pay someone $10 to avoid flying there.

brad krantz

...Carolina plays OSU in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge in Columbus next season... hopefully this airline will still be in business by then.... this is the greatest thing I've heard of since Head On...

Connie Mack Jr

this is the greatest thing I've heard of since Head On...*Brad

Either you are confuse or into some things that we don't want to know about. Has it occured to you that Head On might be the offical campaign hair dressers for the Edwards campaign? Or better yet, you spent the night in a San Francisco bath house on one of those cheap airlines deals.

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