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Apr 30, 2007


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Gedeon Maheux

Thanks for the link Ed!

Can someone please help me understand who in Greensboro can afford a $1.5 million dollar home? Are the citizens of the Triad this well off? They must be because the house in question was already sold, but for the life of me, I can't figure out where all these well-off people work or commute to.

Ed Cone

A $1.2 million mortgage at 6% for 30 years would be about $7K/mo, and some online sites promise cheaper loans...well within the price range of plenty of doctors and lawyers and business people moving here from large metro regions may have substantial equity in their homes to apply to a house in the Triad...

Gedeon Maheux

Evidently I need to start charging more for drawing icons :-). I can't imagine having a $7K a month mortage. You're right though, I'm sure a doctor or lawyer woudn't even bat an eyelid at that. Now I'm depressed...


Want to talk about bargains? Just look at this great investment!

Connie Mack Jr

Want to talk about bargains? Just look at this great investment!*Anglico

And today's instant cash flow return was 3500 Americans dead and over 20 thousand wounded forever. Of course the exchange rate for the innocent Iraq's was a little cheaper acording to the Republican surge in the market place of 600,000 thousand dead innocent Iraqs.


I must share this post with all my San Francisco friends who can't fathom why I'm moving to Greensboro. The beautiful Latham Park house that I just bought for $300k would have set me back more than $1.2 million in a comparable Bay Area location -- and the public schools still would have sucked. Meanwhile, a house listed for under $500k a few months ago was literally a newsworthy event in San Francisco. The place wasn't even in habitable condition, but people lined up to bid.

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