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Apr 29, 2007


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David Hoggard

Thanks for the recommendation anyway, Ed.

I recieved an advance notice about this last week. They suggested that some of us might want to live blog the event. I found a long time ago that I wasn't much good at that because I'm usually more interested thinking about what people are saying than telling others what they said.

I'm coming, though. Me too, on the Guilfordism and I'm a great fan of Nido.

Ginger Bush


You have said that 'you do not welcome' my further participation here, yet you see fit to use my name in a thread on Sue Polinsky's blog that refers to the thread here and my defense against both Rosenburg and Wharton, and those who collectively chose to try and make that whole disagreement my fault, responding in ways that were profane, demeaning and potentially libelous.

If you don't want my participation here, don't post elsewhere about me.

In response to the thread at Sue's, I posted the following. She has deleted it, as expected, as her (and your) collective loud, rude, and profane voices are all that many of you want heard.

Sue, you can remove posts all day long. Somebody call you up and tell you I’d posted? Or send you an email? Why don’t you disclose who that person was? Or did you just happen to see the post, disagree with it and censor it?

Also, Sue, your comments to me on Ed’s site were HORRIBLE, to use your own words. “It’s my MO and it’s pathetic” The comments made to me were awful, and I was blamed, and am continuing to be blamed, for having the strength to speak out against the abuse, for having the intelligence to sometimes be able read nuance, to recognize that Wharton’s apology wasn’t sincere, that would be hard NOT to see, as well as noticing the considerable collective ‘attitude’ directed my way. Why it wasn’t sincere I don’t know, only David can answer this, but that it wasn’t sincere was clear and it didn’t go over. I don’t know if it was made before I called UNCG or afterwards when he was told I had called. If it was posted afterwards that certainly explains it.
Friends and neighbors indeed. I respect and treat with dignity those who treat me with respect. I also speak out, sometimes much too harshly, when I disagree with what someone says, or the way they treat others. However, I haven’t made comments on blogs as sordid, profane and demeaning, and potentially libelous, as those that were written, directed personally, by name, to me. I hope I never sink that low. And I have tried, many times, to reach out and help in this “community” of bloggers. Blogging builds community, hell. As many have noted, your apply your community values only to those with whom you agree.

Ginger Bush

correction above- 'you apply your'

Alan Cone Bulluck



"As many have noted, you apply your community values only to those with whom you agree."

As much as I disagreed with Ginger's actions in the matter under discussion, the truth of this statement has been self evident for quite some time.

The Royal Court's denizens have no clothes.

David Hoggard

No, Bubba... you, a lot like 'she-who-will-not-be-named', simply have thorns embedded deep in your butts. Most everyone realizes they just can't help with their extraction so; why try?. And even if others could help with removing said thorns, you would likely still feel marginalized because that is where you obviously enjoy residing.

All communities have their off-the-wall neighbors who relish in being obstinant just for obstinant's sake and never quite realize why they aren't appreciated "just for who they are." The main difference between you and me (one of your "denizens" I'd imagine) is that you simply don't like the clothes that others choose to wear - that's a lot different than them not wearing any.

"Obnoxious is as obnoxious does"... I think Forrest Gump said that.

(I'm waiting with bait-on-my-breath to see which of my phrases you will enclose in quotation marks, then follow with some trite remark, in your next comment.)


"(I'm waiting with bait-on-my-breath to see which of my phrases you will enclose in quotation marks, then follow with some trite remark, in your next comment.)"

Then let me pop your little ego bubble: You're not worth the time or the effort.

Ed Cone

That level of irony cannot be unintentional.

Props to Bubba for his self-aware humor.


He's not worth a serious response either.

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