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Apr 08, 2007


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".....I think the country, in fact, would be much better served to have a new team at the Justice Department, across the board."

...which will happen when President Giuliani takes office on January 20, 2009.

Alan Cone Bulluck

I have friends who went to Regent University's law school. They all went there because they couldn't get into Richmond, UVA or UNC law. I don't know a single individual who went to Regent for religious purposes and in talking to them, neither do they.
Liberals should be pleased that their best friend, the federal government, is giving law grads from non-elitist institutions the opportunity to get a job.

Ed Cone

ACB, saying that your friends and their circle of friends didn't go to Regent for "religious purposes" leaves wide latitude in terms of motivation for attending that particular law school.

But they certainly made an interesting choice if a particular sort of religious culture is not up their alley, as the article cited and the school's own documents suggest.

Connie Mack Jr

They all went there because they couldn't get into Richmond, UVA or UNC law. *Alan

Neither could John Adams and Son, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Abe Lincoln and thousands of lawyers get into the elite laws of today.

which will happen when President Giuliani takes office on January 20, 2009.* Bubba

Or he could be taking the 5 th after Benard his former business partner snitches him out.

Think postive Bubba for the Republican future!

The Law and Order TV Show nails Rudy for having too many wives at the same time and DA Fred Thompson becomes President after baging Rudy on the show.

Donald Trump becomes the VP on the ticket with Fred to balance the social liberals on American Idol. Iran surrenders to China and Bush is looking at 2 billion Chinese in Iran armed with 2 thousand Nukes in the last days of his impeachment trial.

The price of Gas is at 9 dollars a gallon and you are stuck with a electrial bill of 2 million dollars and Dell has repo your computer and your Republican party has move it's Greensboro office into Mr Chairman bathroom after Global warming move the eastern North Carolina coastline to Mr Chairman backdoor like Katrina.

In Short Bubba! You are screw like the American people has been for the past 6 years with the Republican leadership and Jesus is not coming to save your Republican neo-con ass in Greensboro nor Iraq.

Fred Gregory

Gee whiz , Ed, you are on to nothing here. Let's see the Federal government has 18,000 lawyers on the payroll. Regent's share is less than 1/10th of 1 %.

Question did the fact that the # 3 man in Clintons Justice Dept, Webster Hubbell, get convicted of a felony and resigned and later took the fith before a grand jury reflect badly on hid law school ? Don't think so.

JFK Jr. undergraduate at prestigous Ivey League Brown. Graduate of NYU Law school fluked bar twice before finally passing it

Our honorable Guv Mike Easley graduated from NC Central Law school where only one in four pass the bar on the first time .

Just what is your point about Regent , now ?

Jonathan Jones

Fred, your bar passage rates for NCCU are way off.(Bottom right hand corner of page 2).

Seventy-two percent of NCCU grads pass the bar the first time through. A few points below the statewide average of 75 percent.

Fred Gregory


TYhose figures conflict with info I obtained from Gogle. And even if yours are correct NCCU's % is far below the other law schols in NC whos rate is on average 90%. I suspect that Central low pasage rate dilutes the average of the rest. Still that has nothing to do with any thing anymore than Ed's pointless smear of Regent.

Jonathan Jones

The numbers I cited Fred are the American Bar Association's and are from its annual reports on ABA-approved schools.

The other four law schools do not have bar passage rates on average of 90 percent or higher, according to the ABA profiles for each school. Only Duke does and that's in a different state.

Duke: 95 percent (in NY where the largest number of Duke students take the test)
Wake Forest: 88 percent
UNC-Chapel Hill: 85 percent
Campbell: 78 percent

I agree none of this has much to do with Ed's argument. I just don't like it when bad numbers are thrown around and the correct ones are easily accessible.

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