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Mar 20, 2007


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Fec Stench

In my case, your guidance is appreciated. I pondered the sit all day. Was my sociopathy showing or was I simply being dumb? I've concluded it was some of both.


Two deep leadership for all boys. It makes it difficult but that is why it is required in BSA.

Been a high adventure specialist for years. In my humble opinion. First, thank God he is Ok and back with his family. I have hunted for some that weren't.
Second, he gets no break from homework or anybody else.
This entire episode is his responsibility and he needs to know it and own it. Stupid mistakes kill innocent people.
Third, dad, why don't you be an assistant scoutmaster and accompany him on trips? I bet he would want to go then. There's never enough volunteers to help because Dads are "too busy". Never would have happened in my troop.
Congrats to Gandalf and the other tenacious searchers. Great job and many thanks.
Lastly, young man, the wilderness is a wonderful place. You made a mistake but you will learn from that. Ask your dad to go with you. There many trails yet for the two of you to hike. Neither of you will regret the wonderful experiences there. Don't let this one bad experience keep you from learning more about the outback.
Best of luck!


Good points, sailor.

Scouting events like the one in question are excellent opportunities for quality father/son time, as well as some training in being self-reliant and being smart about personal safety.

How strong is the BSA survival training these days?

Connie Mack Jr

How strong is the BSA survival training these days?*Bubba

Excellent Bubba! Just last month, a elite unit of Eagle Scouts completed a joint task force survival training venture with the 45 th Montana Milita in the 96 Palms Desert area. The scouts capture the Palm Springs Country Club and held 26 Rich Republicans hostages for 2 days. The Montana Milita made a tactical mistake and raided a fully battle equip Apanche National Guard Indian tribe Casio Unit.[Lucky Reds]

The good news Bubba is that the scouts have been shipped to Baghdad in operation Bush surge 2 win. The Montana Milita last surviving member sign a treaty and a IOU gaming note to the Indians with a easy payment plan and a promise to get back their lobbyist fee to Jack Abramsoff.

Bubba! Is there any other politcal reason why you and Sam still defend the Republican war policy and want to join the Girl Scouts?


i have really been amused at all the attention this has been given...people calling this kid a "hero" and going on and on about how he did such a great job of surviving such a tought situation. I'm sorry, but this is not a heroic thing this kid did, it was very irresponsible and he is just lucky he is alive and that a bear didn't pick him up for a snack. I really have to ask where the adults were in this situation. first, apparently the kid didn't want to go or the dad wouldn't have been offering him money if he didn't have fun and i just don't believe that someone couldn't have seen this coming. if this child has ADD and probably some behavior issues along with it then someone should have been more responsible about watching over him and certainly he should not have been pushed into going if that is not what he wanted to do. i can tell you from experience that an unhappy child with behavior problems can be a challenge to say the least. i hope all involved will learn something from this.


This young man is no "hero". At the very least he and his family should be fined if not the entire amount that it cost to search for him but at least a percentage. What are the scouts and his family teaching him? Kids are not being taught that they can not have everything they want when they want it and he put many lives in a situation that they did not have to be in. I thought that scouts were suppose to reinforce teaching responsibility, discipline and leadership skills and if they were lacking it should come from the family. What discipline has this kid received? I know he has got a lot of positive attention for his negative actions.

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