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Feb 21, 2007


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Not bad for a carefully orchestrated, well timed selective release of information.

This will certainly be a matter for discussion Friday morning.

I hope they're all ready.

David Hoggard

Selective? certainly. But damning nonetheless.

I'll add that to the agenda, Bubba.

Jeffrey Sykes

This affair is going to be a great case study in the future for the new media "long tail" wagging the dog.

greensboro transplant

three questions/points.

help me out here. i thought the judge ruled the city couldn't deny benefits because he was not fired. i thought they already argued that he should be denied benefits because they had grounds to fire him. is this not the case?

if bledsoe's story is accurate then they seem to have grounds to fire hinson. not only will he receive benefits but he's still employed! where's the fairness.

this makes me less confident in the city's leadership - not more. these problems couldn't have developed overnight. they didn't pop-up when wray was named chief.


"But damning nonetheless."


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