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Dec 05, 2006


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sean coon

spoken like a true non-fan.



Ed Cone

On the contrary, I'm a big fan of college football. I just don't think the angst and confusion are such terrible elements of the post-season, or that a playoff would be the answer to all problems. Let college football stay weird.


I like the four and one idea.


I am a Florida fan. I think the BCS got it right between Fla and Mich based on strength of schedule. I also think the system sucks.

Jim Caserta

Winning your conference should be a pre-requisite for playing in the national title game. Nebraska in 2001 was a joke. The Big10 needs to annex Notre Dame and put in a conference championship game.

Go Gators!


It's still an invitational much more than it is a true championship. Big deal.

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