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Oct 03, 2006


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OK, what's on the ceiling?

Fec Stench

I bet all those windows make that room a bitch to heat and cool.

Ed Cone


fec: it's a 90-year-old factory building, tends to be hot in the winter and cold in the summer...the windows let me modulate the temp so i'm almost always comfortable. and they make it an extraordinarily pleasant place to work.

John Robinson

billg is referring to your pose in the photo

Ed Cone

Ah, thanks. I foolishly watched the video again for ceiling references.

Um, I guess I'm centering down and preparing myself to think, which I always find difficult?

Anton Zuiker

Ed, perfect quote about needing bloggers to get people blogging. Congrats on the much-deserved exposure.

Joe Killian

Terrific interview.

I've sent the link to reporter friends of mine who keep asking me why I blog, how I blog, why everyone seems to be blogging here.

Man, am I excited for ConvergeSouth.

Doug H

Very well done, Ed. It's nice to have Greensboro so well represented.


Well that Amanda girl was fun to look at, but that ugly dude she was talking to kind of ruined it...


Congdon is Gate-Worthy. We would turn on our feeds for her. If she represents citizen-journalism, we want to take the citizenship test.

BTW, is she big in blog world or something?


They came all the way to Greensboro and only brought one tripod? Whoever was running that close-up cam should have skipped Starbucks. Why must we forgo basic camera logic and call it cutting-edge?

Other than that, fine job.

Joe Killian


How "old media" of you, Lensliger!

Joe Killian


Too much Starbucks myself...


Call me old school all you want, but all this emerging media hasn't got to be so painful to watch. You can still break ground with new video content without ignoring basic cinematic fundamentals. It's like how soem people decided they didn't need proper grammer and punctuation once they started writing on-line. Sloppy, lazy, and detrimental to the overall product.

I liked Ed's gardening analogy, though.

Joe Killian

I feel the same way.

I've stopped counting the number of bloggers who want to teach me something about writing and reporting right after I explain to them why I didn't come out and call the person they don't like a bastard, as any good journalist would.

Oh, they wouldn't?

Well, then I can quote them as saying it.

As long as I don't use their name.

Oh, I don't do that?

That's the Mainstream Media for you...

Chris Weaver

Number 1 - There's an art to the free flowing, handheld camera technique and this isn't it. This is just shaky and herky jerky. Even though it's handheld, smooth it out a bit. Also, I personally think that both cameras should be either on the tripod or handheld. The wide handheld would have looked OK with the tight handheld but the tight shot on the tripod would have given a more polished look with the wide shot as is.

Number 2 - I don't generally like overly bright backgrounds, but (judging from the photo and then seeing the video) it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it was a bit distracting. But since I wasn't there I don't know if there was a better background.

Number 3 - I like the long form sit down on the internet. Some viewers get really engaged by this type of style and the internet is the perfect place for it.

Good interview Ed!


We think they should have just focused on Amanda. There was no need to see Ed, just his voice would have been fine.


Gate didn't know about Amanda? Man.. where ya been. :p

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