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Oct 15, 2006


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I'll second that Ed.

We arrived @ 6:40 for some coffee. As the evening progressed the restaurant cheerfully dealt with several recombinations of tables and guests. In spite of the shuffles our meals were delivered accurately and warmly (I hate cold food). Especially considering it was Homecoming or some other thing that gets the kids all doo-lawed up, I never got a hint from our waiter that he felt we were the humongous pain in the ass that we probably were.

And the dessert? That alone was worth a return visit.

Seems like Thai Pan got a good write up also. Next time I'm in GSO (maybe to attend the trial of the GSO 'blogger that gets busted for posting the RMA report), I'll hit Thai Pan for dinner and Ganache for dessert.

Ed Cone

Great to have you here this weekend, Will -- you added a lot to the conference.


Ah, the dessert! Yes, it is definitely worth coming back just for that dessert! Heavenly! If I was just able to think more clearly at the time I would have bought a couple of more slices to take home and share with the family.

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