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Sep 24, 2006


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John Godwin

Maybe you could talk to Chuck Amato. He seems to have found an answer.
Go Wake Forest!!!!!!!

Britt Whitmire

Amato's answer:

Evans at QB!

May save his job.

Fred Gregory

My heart aches for UNC football. Rumor has it that after UNC's licking by Furman several years ago, Dickie Badour got a call from Don Shula suggesting Carolina should take a look at Paul Johnson who was then at Ga Southern (and that same year thumped Furman 50 to zip or something like that ) Badour's comment reportedly was " he's not ready to coach at this level " HARRUMPH !. Johnson has brought Navy football back to respectability. What a lost opportunity from a know nothing AD.

Jeffrey Sykes

The fact that they don't have a capable running game or the ability to stop the run is the starkest failure in Bunting's six years. It's almost like Doherty's UNC teams not cutting the baseline on defense.

There were several Clemson runs up the middle in the first quarter when nary a Tarheel was within 15 feet of the ball as the runner crossed the line of scrimage.


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