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Aug 30, 2006


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Joe Killian

Years ago I read a sort of bio piece on Anderson in the New Orleans Times Picayune when I was in town for a journalism conference. I think he had just opened his club.

Really strange but very interesting guy. I used to watch Night Court and marvel at the way in which, like The Drew Carey show later, everyone seemed to be having so much fun on the show and no one was asking you to take anything too seriously. It was as though you were in on the joke that it was all a TV show with all the characters - Anderson especially.


I liked Night Court. Used to watch it every week. Always liked Anderson, too. I hope he enjoyes Asheville. We lived there for 9 months when we first moved south. Interesting little city. I prefer Greensboro (it reminds me a lot of Syracuse, NY), but Asheville is a nice place.

Brian Clarey

He did kill the Matador...


There's a misleading statement about Entergy in the Times article.

Entergy (NYSE:ETR) itself is NOT in bankruptcy. Entergy New Orleans, the local operating company (a separate subsidiary) is.

There's a big difference, and the distinction is important in the financial world.


Key point:

"This filing is more of a technical filing, and a pre-emptive filing, to allow ETR (the parent) to safely fund the $400-$500 million its New Orleans subsidiary is going to require to make the necessary recontruction in New Orleans from Hurrican Katrina."

Wonder what happened to the fact checkers?

Joe Killian

I assumed they meant the New Orleans branch, but I can see how people might get the wrong idea.


"....I can see how people might get the wrong idea."

I have a vested interest in making sure they don't.

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