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Jul 21, 2006


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I suppose I should be content with 2 out of 3. However, THIS is flat wrong:

"Washington’s greatest gift to the Iranians lies next door in Iraq. By removing Saddam Hussein, the United States endowed the majority Shiites with real power, while simultaneously tearing down the wall that had kept Iran in check."

Jeffrey Sykes


I consider that the most salient comment in Ed's post. The unintended consequences of our invasion of Iraq are just now becoming apparent.

Or, we could view it as the second phase of the nation building process unleashed by Wolfowitz, et al.

The $60,000 is how difficult would it be for our military to crush the Iranians while Israel deals with Syria?

And who is going to lead the nation building in those two countries?

And will the Chinese attack Taiwan while we are embedded in Iran?

And will the Russians tolerate a move against Iran?

Oh, and who is going to provide security in Iran after we remove the ayatollahs?

It’s a slippery slope. An all or nothing strategy, with a very big nothing side.

Jeffrey Sykes

I forgot to wonder if any western army has succesfully invaded Persia since Alexander the Great?

Ed Cone

Jeff: the Romans, the Byzantines, and the Brits all had various degrees of success fighting or subjugating the Persians and their successors. And of course the Arabs (non-Western, but external) did, too.


"The unintended consequences of our invasion of Iraq are just now becoming apparent.'

The unintended consequences of Iraq can now be seen with Iran's surrogate, Hezbollah, starting the current round of escalation eith the Israelis in Lebanon. This is a result of Iran's frustration at their failure to create a Shi'ite ministate in southern Iraq, and a failure to control the new Iraqi government.

"Washington's greatest gift" to the Iranians, indeed! It looks like it may turn out to the biggest Iranian mistake yet. THAT will lead to the biggest (positive) "unintended consequence" yet as a result of our efforts in Iraq.

Iran is one of the instrumental Puppemasters of Jihadistan, and when one of the puppet's strings is cut, they must manipulate other strings.

It's all part and parcel of the War on Terror.

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