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Jul 15, 2006


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David Wharton

Glenn Reynolds seems to concur.

Mark Binker

I have a hard time swallowing the MSM is ignoring Edwards line. A couple of examples:

Whether someone wants to make the argument Edwards is a contender or not - there's a good case that he is - one should not try to make him into some ignored, outside the main candidate that he's not.

Jeffrey Sykes

I think Edwards and Warner would make a strong ticket, in any combination. If they held to a moderate social platform, combined with innovative management styles, and forward thinking energy, technology and education policies, I would think they could overcome a lot of the Red/Blue divisions that are stifling government today.

Reverend Scaramonga

I pray for a ticket with Warner and Edwards. What is not to like? Warner is heavily backed by none other than Kos. With Kos's 100 percent failure rate at getting anybody elected, that's just perfect.

And add to that another run by the ambulance-chasing fraud John Edwards who has yet to document successfully walking by a mirror without stopping to admire himself. Will he get Al Gore's support? Kerry's? Let's ask Joe Lieberman about that.

Only problem is, which one would be on top. With these two, both would want to be. Eeeew. Two pretty boys and both wanting to be on top. There's a mental picture for you.


Well, if Edwards is nominated in either position (although I really can't see him accepting the veep nomination again), I expect to see that compact hair playing video about a gazillion times.

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