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Jun 26, 2006


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kirk ross

A couple of weeks ago, I heard Rush refer to Vern several times as being from Winston-Salem, which, of course, reminds folks he lives out of the district.
At the end of the column: http://www.exileonjonesstreet.com/2006/06/23/this-weeks-column-2/#more-34

Cardinal Biggles

Mark Steyn is on today.

Cardinal Biggles

I thought that was pretty even handed. Ann Coulter's on next.

Connie Mack Jr

Mark..VR! On this 15 million illegal alien thing. How would you handled this to protect the good old USA?

VR..Mark! Well my Canadian good buddy you would fall under my grand plan to those 15 million illegal aliens by shipping all of them back tomorrow by FED X.

Mark.. Wait a minute VR! I am a conservative Canadian and you can't put me into that class of people.

VR.. Sure I can Mark! Let me see your Green Card and your communist party membership card and don't tell me that Ann Coulter does not speak French for nothing.

Jay Ovittore

Vermin and Rush are the reason gay marriage could be scary. Of course I'm just kidding, I don't believe the fed gov't should have anything to do with the issue.

It was just a matter of time before these two attracted like magnets. Like two peas in a pod. Did anyone listen?

Connie Mack Jr

It was just a matter of time before these two attracted like magnets. Like two peas in a pod. Did anyone listen?*Jay Ovittore

Now! Now! Let's don't get personal with VR and painless Rush as future partners in politics.

If you were up to speed on this future conservative partnership, You will find that VR has another partner in waiting named Nathan at the Golden Corral steak house waiting for the Soy flower special to fly over the counter.

Fec Stench

I listened. Rush was away and Mark Steyn was at the helm. He interviewed Vernon and played his ads. Just as the Blogfather predicted, Steyn mentioned that Vernon's money was coming from national contributors. I don't remember Steyn making the point that Vernon didn't live in his District.

Also, Ann Coulter was on the phone to Steyn about her book, and the Education system in particular.

For a dumbass Con like me, it was a great show.

The Reckoning

Looks like Connie paid off another columnist for some more P.T. Barnum style publicity ...

Vernon Robinson: My New Conservative Hero
By Sher Zieve (06/26/2006)


Democrat candidates are so angry with his “Twilight Zone” campaign Ads and his having the audacity to quote Bill Cosby that they are calling Robinson “a good slave” for the Republican Party. Oh—did I forget to tell you? Soon-to-be Rep. Vernon Robinson is conservative black man. As we already know to use “conservative” and “black” in the same sentence is considered by Democrats to be a hateful racist action. One of North Carolina’s Democrat “leaders” (and former pretend-Republican who has rejoined her Democrat Party roots) Rachel Lea Hunter blasted Robinson when she said: "Like a good slave, he has returned to the plantation."

Note: The truth, of course, is that he had the courage to leave the plantation. Only Democrats have plantations but, they won’t tell you that.

You have to just love Hunter. Racism from the mouth of a member of the political party who first firmly established the practice in the United States of America! Looks like it hasn’t changed much—if at all. Some have suggested that she may need psychiatric help. But, if one is talking about a liberal or a leftist, isn’t mental illness applauded by the Democrat Party? Of course, “mental illness” and “Democrat Party” smack of redundancy.


Bruce Burch


Rush was detained this evening for....wait for it...possession of prescription drugs.


Connie Mack Jr

By Sher Zieve * The unknown freeper promoter Reckoning

Still at it fake! So VR now has 3 freepers supporting the same repubs lies about your inability to say who you are as usual.

Connie Mack Jr

Who cares about the sex pills! I want to know who was with him???? Unreal!

The Reckoning

Who cares about Rachel Lea Hunter?

90% of her next door neighbors in Cary won't even vote for her.

Connie Mack Jr

Who cares about John Barbara?

90% of his next door neighbors in Cary won't even vote for him as dog catcher.*The Reckoning aka John Barbara running for mayor of Cary in 2007 to outlaw dog excise parks


This may come as a shock to the irrepressibly insane Connie Mack Berry Jr, but for the record, I am not "The Reckoning". I am also not running for Mayor of Cary, that is a bit of confusion that occurs because Connie/Max or whoever is doing the typing lacks a sense of humor.

"The Reckoning" is correct, the people closest to Rachel Hunter aren't going to vote for her because she has made herself a complete joke. Her campaign is a farce. If it wasn't for her pathetic earnestness in believing she has a chance to win we'd assume it was a big joke.

She is completely unfit for any political office. In Cary she is referred to as Rachel Crackpot.

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