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Jun 08, 2006


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Tom Phillips

Ed, I recommended that council members review the recommendations in the report and if they believed that any on them should be adopted, they should bring them up at a council meeting where they can be discussed and voted up or down. I know how this group discussion will turn out and I don't have the time or desire for another lecture from Goldie Wells. Tom

ben holder

All hype. The GTRC report will change nothing. All of this is over rated. The whole process was nothing more to me than a huge waste of city resources. Council has about 500 other more important things to discuss or hide, however you choose to see it. None of the recommendations should be accepted. The only apology needed is from the GTRC for wasting precious man power so they would be protected from imaginary assasins duirng their thinly disguised group therapy project. They also need to publicily expalin why Virgil Griffin and other important folks (Rooster Cooper) of the story were TOTALLY ignored til the 12th hour. The only reason any of the wrong doers were contacted was because I confronted the GTRC about it. The bad guys or wrong doers were left out in the reconcilliation process. That was not somthing you just forget about if you are the UBUNTU weekly, GTRC love makers. They can claim they were busy all they want...the bad guys should have been included in the ending phase. By ignoring key players it became clear the type of reconcilliation that is desired. This should be talked about like a Klan meeting at K&W. It was blatantly wrong. It gives a transparent view of their prioritites. It gives a good example of the followers mindsets as well. Nobody else thought...hey...where are the ones to blame in all of this? Huh...they aint around once the final phase is here? Well, how are we gonna become a group that understands one another? In my opinion the GTRC wants the city to say...we are sorry nelson.....here is a check book..a key to the city...and a rope to hang david wray..I laugh when I read that the GTRC and others want all sides of town to be treated equally and protected the same..have you ever heard of SCOR? I started that..and i have never heard or read anything about it in any form of media...and it is going now...they have meetings monthly...because of me...neato....it is a program to ensure all sides get the care they need. Like...Southgate and asbesots...anybody know where they dumped the first few loads? exactly....not near the white homes u can bet on that...council should apologize for that...for real...where is it? U think there is several bloggers and N&R staffers working right now to fix that injustice..restore that justice...reconcile..save those little black children from playing in a pile of junk that contains asbesots? ..anyway..never heard any N&R story or blog psot about it...but...hell...that aint important...a GTRC report has been written....all of this concern is in the name of Nelson....all the liberal, non culture having, guilty whites may now rejoice...rejoice....u have really fought racism...lets all go downtown and have a beer...hooray! A monument is truly what is needed. They always change so much..at least in the minds and hearts of the grant gobblers....I think GSO should name all of their sports teams the Greensboro Grant Gobblers. That would be appropriate.

Mr. Sun

Only Nixon could go to China, Tom.

Ed Cone

Tom, thanks as always for reading and commenting here.

There is a lot more to the report than the recommendations. As you may have read in my newspaper column, I think that the recommendations are all over the map, and that the political tone of the report is a liability.

The report is a version of history. Any reconciliation will start with the conversations sparked by the report, including voices like yours and my own that point out problems with that version of the story.

I find your flipflop on the report, which you now reduce to a set of recommendations, and your contempt for the idea of positive conversation ("I know how this group discussion will turn out") to be disappointing.

sean coon

@tom - so what exactly is the difference between your recommendation and this meeting in july?

@ben - have you ever heard of the term, "verbal diarrhea?"

ben holder

what part was crap? what part sean? please let me know what i wrote that was wrong? since u know EVERYTHING about this issue..please...tell me? what great thing will come from the gtrc? tell me sean? what? what will it improve? was it ok to leave virgil out? u think if tom phillips reads the report the chains of racism will unbuckle? what is it? tell me?

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