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Jun 25, 2006


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I liked this analysis of the story better.

Noteworthy excerpt:

Brooks' column was written in response to New Republic online articles that relied on private comments from left-leaning bloggers discussing the controversy which has enveloped around Zuniga's one-time consulting partner, Jerome Armstrong (and co-author on Crashing The Gates). Last weekend, articles on a New York Times blog and in The New York Post revealed that the blogger at Mydd.com who also works with potential 2008 presidential candidate Virginia Governor Mark Warner, got into trouble with the Security Exchange Commission for allegedly touting stocks on the Internet."

Poor, pitiful Kos....attacked by the mean, nasty David Brooks.


Actually, Brook's best line is his opener:

"Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, who runs the Web site Daily Kos, has challenged his enemy and become it."

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