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May 03, 2006


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Fred Gregory

Okay. Now Doug Clark left it hanging out there. Lots of speculative answers are in the wind, some sinister some downright digusting but none good. Try this on for size. Henderson saves certain Council members from embarassments contained in the SBI Homestead report by not prosecuting even the smallest infraction which would have made the entire report discoverable ( but before Henderson there was Albright who did nothing but pass the hot potato.. anticipatin elevation to the bench.. yeah I'm getting in hot water here). Ergo the PAC controlled by Perkins, Vaughn and Johnson delivers the lemmings for Henderson. Plausable ? Yup.

More wild ass guessing. An ADA named Free was fired for reasons which may have something to do with this intrigue and the election contest which is now over . That doesn't get the public any better informed about the waste, fraud anf abuse of that Project. The AG Roy Cooper, I think, has the authority to make the report public. Florence ? That's all I am going to say on that treacherous subject.


Perkins and Vaughan are not members of the PAC.

Fred Gregory


I said controlled by, not members, much as one hand washes the other.Mutually beneficial. Capishe ?


Ah, so you did, Fred. My bad; my apologies.

Now I'm wondering, what makes you think Perkins or Vaughan have any control over the Simpkins PAC?

julia wolf hejazi


Maybe you shouldn't focus so much on who influences the PAC but more on who actually sits on the PAC. Then look at who gains, is it the African American community who gained by Henderson's win or is it the individuals on the PAC? The Simpkins PAC was estabished to influence votes for the benefit of the African American community, seems like now it is there to benefit the needs of some of those sitting on the PAC. The decision is not unanimous on endorsement, the decision is by majority. I feel certain the decision on this endorsement was not made by all.

Fred Gregory


It is a mixed bag. I sure can't cut through the intrigue of all these local political entanglements without a ouija board. But I'll take your word for it. At the end of the day it's who got the most votes, period. Wish you were a Republican.

Guilford Native

Now that the dust has settled in the DA race, it is obvious that our county paid little attention to what was a stake at the DA's office. Henderson had all Defense Attorney's as supporters, along with a PAC that was scared of the public finding out what was hiding in the Homestead papers.

As I am aware, only a small percentage in the Democratic Party fully endorsed Henderson (And they were attorneys), and they ran solely as 'independents'

After meeting with Julia, she is still, in my opinion, the one of the best candidates in a long time that could represent Guilford County on a statewide level.

Guilford County missed out on a great person to begin representing us in 2006, and I would hope Ms. Hejazi decides to run again. (There are a lot of candidates who lose their first race)

As far as project homestead and the PAC, there is still a ways to go, and it will take a subeona to the DA's office to reveal the papers, and a young African American group to break up the Simpkins PAC to form their own. I know the Simkin's family would agree with that, since the current PAC is obusing their family name for their own individual gains, and as Ms Hejazi said, not for a stronger African American Community.

The primary establishes who will represent the party the best, and obviously, the base of the Democratic Party didn't make it to the polls on Tuesday.


I was wondering if it would be possible to find out the
names of the members of the Simpsin's PAC.

keith brown

jme it is simkins pac and look them up on north carolina board of elections web site

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