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Apr 26, 2006


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Connie Mack Jr

A lot of people who like him now will think he's wised up since his youthful days in Greensboro, and a lot of people who don't like him now will think he's dumbed down.* Ed

It appears that Tony falls into the latter about being dumbed down ! What fool would try to save a sinking ship with so many leaks in it now?

Connie Mack Jr.

Oh no! Now they have dug up a old 1989 story about Tony being a sex pervert in his own words. I hope Tony is getting a bonus about his new and exciting past being reveal to the White press corps.

Now that I think about it! This is a brilliant plan by George. It takes away all of the attention from Iraq and the other failures in the repub operation for the next two years.
Who said Tony left Foxx? He will be the star of it with his fights with Helen about him and his long hair in Greensboro for months on their breaking news alerts all day long...

sean coon

yeah, the same people that swift-boated kerry for his anti-war position following his tour in vietnam will defend snow's "matured" take on gun control.


It's funny you'd use that piece in particular to characterize Snow's early days at the N&R. I mentioned it to my dad, and he recalled Snow as having been brought in as part of the Great Republican Shakeup of 1972-1980 @ the N&R.

Ed Cone

Most of the columns at the link are exactly as you described, Nick. This one is interesting in part for that reason.

Billy The Blogging Poet

It's going to take a lot more than a Snow storm inside the White house to straighten out the mess the Bush Administration has made. Bush should have hired someone named BS 'cause that's all it is.

Michael Grossman

Due to what seemed like a decent demand for them overnight, we've added 10 more Tony Snow articles, all from the 1981 Greensboro Record:


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