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Apr 26, 2006


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Britt Whitmire

The Marvin Gaye version of the SSB is my favorite (the one he did at the NBA All-Star game just weeks before he died). It truly is a horrible song. I like "God Bless America", but it's so...non-secular.

Joe Killian

I once heard Henry Rollins suggest that we actually make "Kick Out The Jams" the national anthem.

Which, when you think about it, makes an odd sort of sense from nearly every angle.


I'm with Henry, although I'd settle for "America the Beautiful." At least it's singable.


The SSB is a most beautiful song and deserves its place of honor as our national anthem. Just because you can't sing it doesn't mean it lacks value. That song gives me chills each and every time I hear "The rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there."

That means more than anything else in describing our ability to remain an independent country.

Folks can redefine morality all they want, and claim till they are blue in the face that they know what America really stands for, or who it belongs or should belong to, but come on guys, the f'in national anthem is one of the most beautiful things about this country.

A man held prisoner on an enemy boat watching the enemy try to bomb our rag tag defenders into submission writes a song about how invigorating it is to still see the flag waving in the morning. What could deserve more acclaim as a national song than Key's humble work?

BTW, I'll take Hendrix version at the Atlanta Pop Fest in 1970 over any and all comers. He even calls the establishment out when he hits a crescendo riff, stops, says "America" hits a whammy dive bar, followed by, "Bull shit", then takes off on another esoteric set of riffs.

Check it out on the Stages box set.

True dat.

Ed Cone

Redefining morality? I think the issue is that the old drinking tune to which those inspiring words were set is very hard for most people to sing because of its 1.5 octave range.

Military prowess may be a key to remaining an independent country (which we did, despite not faring particularly well in the war during which the SSB was written), but the Constitution is a truer symbol of this country's greatness.

I can't believe there are no votes for the Team America song.


It's not that hard to sing, except that people usually start too high. Started in the right key, it's not that bad.



Do you think the Constitution would be still be in existence without our military prowess or ability to take what we want from other countries at will? I'm not saying its a good thing, just asking you a question.

BTW, I just realized what this thread was about. I'm a simple person, so it takes me a while to catch up. That video and song lack any and all creative or intellectual value, and that, IMHO, is one of the core problems facing our society today.


Ed Cone

Wikipedia says, "Garrison Keillor has frequently campaigned for the performance of the anthem in the original key, G major, which can, in fact, be sung by most average singers without difficulty."

Much more here.

Ed Cone

"Do you think the Constitution would be still be in existence without our military prowess or ability to take what we want from other countries at will?"

Prolly not, but I was responding to your statement about "what America really stands for."

The thread was actually about the Garcia & Co version of the Star Spangled Banner.

But if you think the Team America song is lacking value, I disagree. It is great satire, even better for being played behind the ooey-gooey video appropriated for this purpose. Plus, it rocks, and in a military campaign would be one of those great ironically appropriated songs that get misused in powerful ways, like NJ making the escape-from-NJ song Born to Run an anthem, or Reagan appropriating Born in the USA.

Eric Hendrix

Back to Jerry, he's 52 in that video clip. That's my age right now. I wonder what caused the rapid aging?

Fred Gregory

Geez so many divergent tastes in the LGBC( Liberal Greensboro Blogging Community ). Here's one you folks could all vote for : " L'Internationale " . Perfect for Roseanne Barr. Take it away mistro.....

Fred Gregory

Now it's a statement about uncaring Americans. Yikes


The Star Spangled Banner in Spanish.....

"Nuestro Himno".....Only In America....Land of Opportunity!

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